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Luxury Residential

Jet, a seasoned luxury real estate agent with a focus on the Westside of Los Angeles, including Santa Monica, Venice, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, and Malibu, leverages his multi-faceted background to provide exceptional service to his clients. With roots in Chicago and a background in fine arts, he brings a unique perspective to the real estate industry.

He’s honed his skills in real estate by utilizing his passion for creativity and problem-solving, broadening his talents both in effective marketing and communication strategies – while always placing the needs of his clients first. With patience, empathy, and a commitment to authenticity, Jet expertly guides his clients through every step of the real estate process, balancing art and business to produce outstanding results.

Jet holds a degree from the University of Southern California, where he graduated with honors, and has published a book on his experiences. With a deep understanding of the Los Angeles real estate market and an unwavering commitment to integrity, he consistently delivers the tailored and refined experiences his clients deserve.

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