Selling a Home in Brentwood

Selling a Home in Brentwood

Preparing Your House to Sell

Getting your home ready to be put on the market is fun and memorable when done properly. From finding an agent that is your perfect match to deciding on renovations, you will watch your home transform into a better version of itself that will captivate buyers. Putting in the right efforts ahead of time will allow you to make the big decisions upfront, so you are able to relax and enjoy the rest of the process.

Determining Your Home’s Value

Knowing exactly how much to sell your home for can seem tricky. With adequate research and a savvy agent, the process is simpler. Though there is no specific formula for calculating a home price in any given market, research on local market trends and prices for similar properties is helpful. Things like an appraisal and an inspection will be helpful in getting an idea of a good price range for your home, but they may need to be redone after any major renovations. This will be helpful in allowing you to compare the value of your home before and after making improvements.

Interviewing Real Estate Agents

Knowing that you are working with an accredited agent will allow you to enjoy the experience of selling your home with less stress and more ease. Picking a real estate agent is possibly the most important part of this process, especially if this is your first sale. Your agent will be your main source of help when preparing your home for the market and navigating viewings once the listing is live. As you focus on selecting the right agent for you, consider your specific wants and needs and prepare to ask questions that ensure they can provide what you require.

Upgrades to Improve Your Home Value

Deciding on what upgrades and renovations to perform for your home is a key part of preparing your home for sale. This is ultimately up to your discretion, but depending on the pre-sale condition of your home, deciding to conduct upgrades could drastically increase the price of your home could sell for upgrades can be simple finishing touches that elevate the home's overall allure or big projects that transform the aesthetic of the house entirely.

Good and Bad Times to Sell

Planning out the timing of your sale is a way to keep things organized and primed for success. The luxury real estate market is one that tends to prosper year-round, but you will find certain times of year may yield better results than others. Between research on your local market trends and a conversation with your agent, you can pinpoint the best time to sell your home. Knowing the best time to sell your home gives you the opportunity to create a timeline and plan around anything else on your agenda.

Selling Your Home

When you have successfully worked through the checklist of everything needed to get your home ready to be sold, you can move forward with the next steps in the sale process. Depending on the way you plan to host viewings, your sale process may or may not be relaxed and hands-off. Working with your agent to make sure you have a sales process that is a luxury experience for your buyers but still convenient for you will keep everyone happy and the sales process moving along as desired.

Listing on the MLS

Using tools like the MLS as you work to sell your home will give you the ability to make your home available to local buyers and their agents as they search local listings. It is important to keep your listing posted on trusted and secure places, and the MLS is the industry standard when it comes to browsing for listings online. With convenient search capabilities like filters and sort functions, buyers that are in search of a home exactly like yours will be able to find it without having to jump through hoops. Even if you wish to list your home and other ways, the MLS is still a good place to start.

Open House & Virtual Tours

Seriously interested buyers will move toward viewing the home at some point. Making that process easy and accessible will prompt the best results when showing your home. Traditional viewing events like open houses are still common and favored by many, but other options such as video viewings and 3-D tours are also convenient. When selling in a luxury market to people with busy schedules, you will benefit from offering both.


When you receive serious interest from a buyer who would like to move forward, the rest of the process will consist of multiple parts and steps. Getting an appraisal on the property is necessary if buyers are financing the property. An appraisal can take anywhere from a week to three weeks to complete, depending on how busy the appraiser is.

Frequently Asked Questions about Selling Your Home

How Can I Sell My Home Faster?

Help from an industry-leading realtor as you follow through with the steps above is the best way to work towards selling your home faster. Ensuring these vital parts of the home selling process are carried out well keeps things streamlined and will ensure the buyer you desire can find your home, view it, and put an offer in without fuss.

Can I Sell My Home Without a Realtor?

Selling a home in Brentwood is legally possible without the assistance of a licensed realtor. However, it's extremely unadvised due to the complex and sometimes chaotic nature of selling a home. Attempting to sell a home with no agent poses unnecessary risks to the seller and to any interested buyers.
Assistance from an expert is the most vital part of a successful sale. Contact The Beachrock Real Estate Group today to begin the process of selling your Brentwood luxury real estate.

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